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Gulmarg as the word suggests literally means “the meadow of flowers” as was penned by the famous emperor of Kashmir Sultan Yousuf Shah of Chak dynasty.

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Srinagar, the summer capital of Kashmir is famous for many reasons but no one can take the place for its beautiful gardens and calm lakes. It is rightly called as the city of gardens and lake.

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A city of Bollywood and valleys, Pahalgam is the most vibrant hill station in the Kashmir valley. It is about 98 Km from Srinagar city which can be covered in about 2 hours.

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A land like no other with superabundance of attractions to visit and phantasmagoric and fabulous landscapes, amazing people and culture, Ladakh is truly a heaven on Earth.

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The word Sonmarg is a derived from “Sona” meaning “Gold” and “Marg” meaning “Meadow” bestowing it with a literal meaning of “Meadow of Gold”. Sonmarg is at a distance of 110 Kms from the Srinagar city.

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Verinag is situated at a distance of approximately 80 km from Srinagar. It is located at a height of 1,876 m. It is believed that the Verinag spring in Kashmir is the chief source of the river Jhelum.

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The console would be a platform that improved the images of 3D games overall — a concept that became the norm just 1 system generation past. Inside this guidewe show you the way you can play these Game Cube roms in your own computer utilizing the Dolphin emulator. The first thing we want is your Dolphin emulator. For this, we could go to the Dolphin emulator site and download it from the downloads page. We note that this emulator can be found across several programs, but the principal platform is Windows as the other stable interfaces appear to be a version or two behind the most recent version.

Once downloaded, run the executable to set up the emulator. Next, find a convenient place on your hard drive for all of your Gamecube needs and make a folder for this. As soon as you create a folder, go into this folder. Personally, I chose to create a shortcut to the executable for the emulator, but this is optional. Then create a folder that will house all of the CD images of the games you’ve got.

Now, open the emulator.

The first thing we will need to do is configure our Gamecube controls. For this, we can simply click on the GCPad on the toolbar. You will Find a screen like this:

To alter a key, simply click on a button and type from the button which you want for that specific button in your digital controller. When completed, type in the name of this specific configuration under profile and then click Save. Some games will be easier to play a different configuration and you may have to create multiple profiles meant for different kinds of matches.    For that, simply click on the”File” drop-down menu and then click on”Browse for ISOs…”

From that point, simply browse to your ISO directory and then choose that directory by clicking on it and pressing”OK”. If you don’t see ISOs appearing, click on the”Refresh” button to refresh the listing. If the ISOs still don’t appear, ensure the ISOs aren’t in their own directories. It seems that, by default, Dolphin does not read sub-directories.

From there, you can either double-click a game on your emulator to launch it or click on a match and press the play button from the tool bar to start it. This will open another window for the game itself. You can use controls from the first emulation screen to affect the game. When you are done playing, you can use the stop button on the primary display.

To conserve a country, use Shift+[F1 — F8] (every F key between 8 and 1 is it’s own rescue slot). To load a country, just hit F1-F8 to load a respective save state. This choice can be retrieved in”Emulation” and also the 2 choices on the button of the menu, but only when a match is actually running.

Like almost every other emulator on the market, emulation is not likely to be ideal for each and every game. To determine which game is totally compatible or not, check out the official compatibility list on the Dolphin website.

That’s it!

Happy gaming!

Notice: This emulator can also emulate Wii games, but this guide simply covers the Gamecube section of the emulator. If you would like, you can check out our Wii guide which employs this very emulator! Much of the advice is similar to what you find , but worth checking out anyway.